Strategic Resolution For Contract Disputes

Contract disputes come in all sizes and shapes. In many cases, the lawyer who originally drafted the agreement is not necessarily the best lawyer to litigate disputes arising from it. Whether you are currently in dispute with an individual, a company or a governmental entity, the lawyers at O’Connor Richardson are ready to step in and take on your cause. We offer you a fresh approach aimed at bringing any contract dispute to a definitive and successful end.

Negotiate Where Possible. Litigate When Necessary.

As experienced dispute-resolution professionals, our lawyers have helped numerous clients navigate thorny business conflicts throughout Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario. We have handled breach of contract issues that range from simple debt collection to complex dealership agreements, and everything in between.

At times, conflicts can be quickly and simply addressed with good communication and strategic negotiation techniques. In other cases, protecting your interests requires forceful, proactive litigation. Our lawyers can determine the best approach for your particular issue, and guide you through every stage until the conflict is resolved. We use a proven legal approach that includes:

  • Meticulous interpretation of contractual ambiguities
  • Effective communication with legal opponents
  • Advanced planning to anticipate and navigate legal pitfalls
  • Insightful perception into how to successfully deal with court judges

Once we take on your case, you will be supported by a team of attentive, responsive professionals. We will keep you apprised of every new development until we reach a successful conclusion for your matter. That’s our way of providing our clients with big-firm legal experience and small-town, attentive service.

Complimentary Consultation On Your Contract Dispute

Resolving your contract dispute starts with a strategic legal consultation. We offer a complimentary 30-minute discussion with our lawyers. Arrange one today by calling 1-866-293-9010 or use our online form to reach us by email.