Legally Protective Advice For Buying Or Selling A Business

Whether it’s buying a business or selling a business, opportunity abounds, but so does the potential for complications and perils. At O’Connor Richardson, our role as legal advisors is to help you strike a deal that maximizes your gains while avoiding the pitfalls. We have guided many clients through business acquisitions and successions throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton, Ontario. We want to be the legal force behind the success of your next deal.

Ensuring Your Interests Throughout The Transfer Of A Business

Deals involving the transfer a business are loaded with numerous complex details. As your legal eyes and ears, our firm can take over the burden, simplifying the legal process and scouring the most minute contractual clause on your behalf.

As business owners ourselves, our lawyers understand both the business and legal issues at stake. We draw on our years of legal knowledge and experience to ensure that:

  • Contract terms are fair and equitable
  • You understand the pros and cons of the transaction
  • Your obligations are clear and unambiguous
  • Legal protections are in place
  • The business structure is financially advantageous and tax-strategic
  • Red flags and potential problems are identified and addressed
  • Liens do not encumber the deal
  • The transfer is as efficient and economical as possible

As your partner in success, we will stay in touch with you, following up on industry developments and your changing legal needs.

Thirty-Minute Complimentary Consultation

We invite you to discuss your next business purchase or sale with our lawyers. Request a complimentary 30-minute consultation by calling 1-866-293-9010 or by emailing us via our online form.