Construction Liens

Construction companies, contractors, and sub contractors work under a great deal of risk, supplying about and materials for the construction projects to proceed smoothly.  The Construction Act protects and enforces their rights.

A construction lien can be registered on the title of the property to give the lien claimant protection for unpaid services and/or materials that were supplied to improve the property.

The Construction Act has very tight and precise timelines to register and perfect a construction lien.  If you are facing a breakdown on the construction site, it is important to find a lawyer who can quickly and efficiently navigate the Construction Act.

If you miss the deadline to register a lien, there are other options like a breach of trust claim or a lawsuit may be your only option.

Or you may be the home or property owner who faces a construction lien being registered on your property and you are disputing the lien.  Many small contractors will register a lien and not pursue litigation. We can provide options on how to efficiently resolve the dispute and discharge the lien before too much money is spent on litigating the issues.

The lawyers at O’Connor Richardson are experienced in handling construction lien issues. We  represent contractors, subcontractors, and property owners.  We have obtained recovery for trades, contractors, and sub contractors who need to register construction lien to compel payment of their outstanding accounts.  We have challenged validity of the construction lien for the property owners.