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Landlord And Tenant Disputes

Deciding to rent your property out can be risky. Tenants may be irresponsible, they may not pay the rent or their utilities, or they may refuse to leave. The Residential Tenancies Act strictly regulates how you can evict a tenant, or how you can recover damages from a tenant.

At O’Connor Richardson, we have extensive experience dealing with unruly tenants at both the Landlord and Tenant tribunal and in the Small Claims Court. We can help with some of the most common disputes:

  • Evictions;
  • Recovery of owing rent;
  • Recovery of money for damaged property;
  • Breaches of the tenancy agreement;

The best time to help you, however, is before any disputes arise. We can advise you on your rights and responsibilities as a landlord as well as the potential pitfalls so you will be prepared to deal with any dispute before it arises.

Is it a tenancy?

The Residential Tenancies Act has limited application. For example, it will not apply to persons who share living space with you. If you share living space with another person and you want your living arrangements to change, we can advise you of the rights and obligations particular to your circumstances.